Stepping Forward

Golden Gate Area Council Volunteer Celebration

Saturday, March 4, 2023
1:00 – 5:00 pm
Alameda Elks Lodge


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Opening FlagsTroop 1015

WelcomeMarcus Lampley

InvocationJill Tarkoff

Council Executive RemarksMike Hale

Veteran AwardsMike Hale

Sea Scout Pilot LicensesSteve Welch

Sea Scout Leadership AwardsSteve Welch

Venturing Leadership AwardsPatrick Jaime

National Eagle Scout Association AwardsCalvin Masuda & Steve Rodriggs

District Roll CallMarcus Lampley

International Scouter’s AwardsRoy Adams

Asian American Spirit of Scouting AwardFlory Dekovic
Torch of Gold AwardTony Mei
Medal of Merit AwardBill Johansen
SponsorsMarcus Lampley

Major GiftsTim Repp

Council President RemarksTom Weibert
Silver Antelope AwardTom Weibert
2022 Silver Beaver AwardsSkip Phair

FarwellMarcus Lampley

Thank Yous

WelcomeMarcus Lampley

Marcus Lampley is an Underwriting Director for CNA Insurance company. Although he has been in the industry for over 25 years his passion is Scouting and the outdoors. He has been involved in Bay area scouting for over 20 years, holding various positions from Cubmaster to the current Scoutmaster for Troop 81 and a member of the Golden Gate Council Board. The proud Dad of two Eagle Scouts and numerous scouts that have come through the troop he is looking forward to another fulfilling 20 years of Scouting.

Council Executive RemarksMike Hale

Mike began his Scouting career as a District Executive at the Cornhusker Council in Lincoln, Nebraska. He became the Camping Director at the Northeast Illinois Council in Highland Park, Illinois. After serving as a Program Director in Mt Prospect, Illinois, and the Director of Support Service in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mike returned to Lincoln as the Scout Executive before becoming an Associate Region Director with the Central Region.

Following his subsequent work in Mission Impact with the National Council, Mike served as an Area Director in the Western Region and rejoined Highland Park as the Scout Executive. Before becoming our next Scout Executive, Mike served the Western Region as the Deputy Region Director and, most recently, as National Service Territory 3 Director, which supports 20 councils in California and Hawaii.
Mike is an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow who enjoys camping, hiking, gardening, and bowling.

Mike and his wife Lynda have four children, all of whom have been very active in scouting, with all of them serving 4 or more years on various camp staffs. Lynda is also an avid and active scouter.

Mike Hale

Veteran AwardsMike Hale

The Scouting Veteran Award was established to recognize those Scouters who have distinguished themselves with an extended tour of duty in the Scouting program. Tenure need note be continuous, but only registered years as a youth and adult can be counted. Learn more about the Veteran Award. Click to learn more about the Veteran Award.

Joe Barton 25 Years

Ron Fedele 30 Years

Mark Loy 40 Years

Frank Yoke 57 Years

Stephen Rodriguez 70 Years

Sea Scout Pilot LicensesSteve Welch

Per the Sea Scout Safe Boating and Sailing Standards, council-authorization-to-be-the-responsible-person-when-a-non-exempt-vessel-is-underway is not only strongly recommended by the National Sea Scout Committee, it is a long standing tradition in our legacy Councils. The Council Sea Scouting Committee has developed a written and practical test to determine the knowledge and skill level of new operators as well as created a system, in alignment with National’s suggestions, for accepting the qualifications of Coast Guard Licensed and other experienced persons.

Kristina Babcock Power & Sail

Marissa Bunting Sail

Charlotte Brownstone Sail

Beatrice Christman Power & Sail

Victoria Doherty Sail

Robert Karn Power & Sail

Ba-Duong Nguyen Sail

Michael O’Callaghan Power & Sail

Almudena Phillips Sail

Aidan Povlesen Sail

Aine Roonan Sail

Kenneth Shupe Power & Sail

Anthony Soldavini Power

Tamara Sokolov Sail

Victoria Troisi Power & Sail

Steven Welch Sail

Aaron Wu Sail

Sea Scout Leadership AwardsSteve Welch

The Sea Scout Leadership Award is presented by councils to Sea Scouts and Sea Scouters who have made exceptional contributions to Sea Scouting and who exemplify the Scout Oath and Scout Law. This is an opportunity to recognize the efforts of the youth and adult leaders who make Sea Scouting happen everyday. Click to learn more about the Sea Scout Leadership Award.

Caselyn Choy

Caselyn Choy has been a member of SSS Viking (100) for 5 years. She has held many leadership positions in the ship over the years: crew leader, yeoman, bosun’s mate and bosun. Most significantly, Caselyn played a very key leadership role in the ship as it emerged out of Covid. Caselyn was bosun’s mate from fall 2020 to fall 2021 and bosun from fall 2021 to fall 2022. In that time Viking saw its largest membership growth in decades. As a college-aged member, Caselyn has continued to provide leadership to our program, leading a senior team of scouts at the Southwestern Rendezvous, and staying on our Quarterdeck as a mentor and advisor to younger quarterdeck members.

Caselyn was also an original member of the GGAC Youth Seacom and has contributed in fostering a sense of community across council ships. In early 2022 Caselyn was one of 3 youth instructors who helped run an Ordinary Rank Academy at Rancho Los Mochos for Corsair, Viking and Makai. As an Able-ranked sea scout working towards the Quartermaster Award, Caselyn designed classes, demos, and tests for both the academy and for Viking’s weekly meetings.

Caselyn has represented Sea Scouting at a council level by making the annual report on sea scouting to our council board in our annual meeting. She’s also been a great ambassador for our program, meeting with National Chairman Dan Ownby, our local VOA, and creating many social media videos on our program.

Balakrishnan Ramaswamy

Balakrishnan Ramaswamy approached the Council Commodore at Wood Badge. He wanted to learn about Sea Scouting; in particular, to start a new Ship. His Troop Guide did not think he could accomplish this so he suggested Bala not include it as one of the goals in his ticket.

Ship 700 had done no recruiting during Covid and all the crew had gone away to college. Bala stepped in just as rechartering time was upon them and the Ship was going to close.

Bala organized a trip to Angel Island for Troop 154 on Sea Scout Ship Makai’s 62′ power vessel and recruited five boys to start a Maritime Explorer Club which he is the sponsor. He also recruited three boys from Troop 154 into SSS Makai, and then more boys started following. He has been a tireless recruiter. He joined the Council Sea Scouting Committee to give aid in recruiting and formation of Maritime Explorer Clubs. SSS Makai, which had no members in November 2021, took 11 members on a summer cruise in 2022, and has participated in four regattas and Safety at Sea.

Samantha Lovelace

Samantha Lovelace was a Sea Scout herself as a teenager, and yet she has comeback to volunteer for years in a program she deeply believes in. She has now taken on the daunting task of skippering the very sea scout unit she grew up in. She has realized being a Sea Scout Skipper is a ton of hard work but she has taken the challenge at a young age and yet has been productive in providing an amazing learning experience for the scouts under her leadership.

The Albatross has grown in so many ways under her watchful gaze. She also host the 2nd largest Sea Scout event in the Northern California area the Sea Farers Regatta. Sam is one of those leaders who doesn’t know how to say no, she is there for every scout weather they are from her unit or not and Golden Gate Area council is so lucky to have a dedicated adult leader like this.

Ethan Wasserman

Ethan Wasserman is the definition of a dedicated scout! in just the last two years Ethan has attended the prestigious Sea Experience Advanced Leadership course, earned his Ordinary Rank in Sea Scouts, been inducted into the Order of the Arrow, earned his Eagle Scout Award and completed CERT training with Alameda County. He is on his path working on his Sea Scout Quartermaster next!

He has also contributed to an amazing regatta year with the Northern California Regattas, helping not only his ship but fellow ships. He thrives in teaching his fellow Sea Scouts in the Sea fox and is at home in the engine room. His enthusiasm and dedication to the advancement of his fellow scouts is amazing and we are looking forward to his amazing adventures!

Venturing Leadership AwardsPatrick Jaime

The Venturing Leadership Award or VLA for short, is presented to individuals who show exceptional dedication and give outstanding leadership and service to Venturing and Venturers. Click to learn more about the Venturing Leadership Award.

Luke Fewx

Eagle Scout Luke Fewx has provided strong result-oriented crew leadership during the COVID restrictions. He previously served as vice-president SFBAC VOA. He organized and lead venture support for Mission Peak Scout Day fall camporee and assisted the planning SFBAC Venture Rendezvous. Luke is nationally known as the first scout to sell over a quarter million dollars of popcorn. He has demonstrated his leadership capacity by volunteering to conduct training and motivation presentations in BSA councils throughout the United States. This has included travel and remote internet sessions. Luke has shown his willingness as a youth to give back to scouting by becoming a James E. West Fellow.

Vanessa Chen

Her nomination for the award was based on faithful service to the Council Venturing program through involvement and active participation in the Council Venturing Officers’ Association (VOA). Vanessa sought out the VOA and volunteered to serve as an officer. Not only did she fulfill all her VOA Secretary position responsibilities, she also constantly took the initiative to provide feedback, suggestions, and speak up when no one else did. After the previous VOA President completed their term, Vanessa stepped up to serve as Acting Council VOA President until we were able to find and elect a new permanent one. During that time, Vanessa led the VOA efforts in getting in communication with the crews in GGAC to provide support. Vanessa is also a member of the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts.

National Eagle Scout Association AwardsCalvin Masuda & Steve Rodriggs

The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award is a prestigious recognition granted by the local council’s NESA committee to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level. Unlike the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, which is a national award, the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award recognizes Eagle Scouts whose efforts have made a positive impact closer to home. Click to learn more about the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award and to view previous awardees.


Mike Fujumoto

Eagle Scout Michael “Fuji” Fujimoto is a legend and a gem in the Golden Gate District, due to his strong character and contributions as an Eagle Scout.

As a 2nd generation San Franciscan, Mike witnessed the impact his late father had on Troop 29 as one of their earliest Scoutmasters in Japan Town. However, Mike chose to be a scout in Troop 12 instead – another Asian-centric troop with deep roots in the City. It was in Troop 12 in 1960 where Fuji earned the rank of Eagle.

There are many worthy contributions that Fuji has made as an Eagle to the Golden Gate District, and to the legacy San Francisco Bay Area Council as well as to the National BSA. Mike made his mark at the Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico, because he was featured in a BSA national video that was filmed at the Philmont Training Center. Mike was a Wood Badge Troop Guide, and on Wood Badge staff, ready with his guitar, a booklet of Scout tunes and ready to sing with Rose Godfrey and Austin Graham at his side. In 2002, Mike received the District Award of Merit, and in 2005 he received the Council Silver Beaver Award.

Despite having been in a Japanese Encampment as a very young child, Mike shared with his community, Asian Troops, and Packs what it means to truly care about our youth. For many years, Fuji supported Asian troops that chose to go to Japan to climb Mt Fuji and do community service with a brother troop in Japan. Mike was instrumental in organizing local camping weekends with Asian Troops (T12, T29, T3 and T58). Mike supported the committee for the 100th Anniversary of Troop 3 in SF Chinatown with over 200 guests, as well as the STEM committee for the 2011 NorCal Jamboree.

As District Training Chair, Mike never said no when training staff was needed. His outdoor cooking techniques for new Cub Leaders became legendary, along with his help at roundtables and as an active Unit Commissioner.

NOESA Medal Default

Michael Lennox

When Eagle Scout Michael recited the Eagle Scout Promise for the first time in 1985, he had no idea that those words would later describe who he is. He has made his “status and influence count strongly for better Scouting and his community.” Michael has spent the last fourteen years as a registered leader in the Golden Gate Area and San Francisco Bay Area Councils. His re-engagement with Scouting came as service to Pack 943, as Tiger Coach, Den Leader and Assistant Cub Master. He continues to give his time at the unit level as Scoutmaster of Troop 2998 and Troop 998. Michael was instrumental in starting Troop 2998, one of the first female troops in the council, which advanced four members of GGAC’s Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts, one being his daughter.

Michael’s service is not exclusive to the unit level. He is a recipient of the District Award of Merit in 2014 and was a member of the Twin Valley District Operating Committee for twelve years. March 2023 will mark his ninth year as the District Training Chair. When the Council Training Committee called, Mike stepped up, giving time as a full-time committee member, and currently serving as the Council’s EDGE Chair.

Michael has done his “best to make his training an example” by earning multiple training awards, highlighted by the Scoutmaster’s Award of Merit, the Scoutmaster’s Key, and District Committee Key. He completed Wood Badge in 2012 and continues to serve on the Twin Valley’s Introduction Outdoor Leader Skills “Blue Oak” staff.

As is typical with many Eagle Scouts, Michael fails to add the word “NO” to his vocabulary. Not only does he serve as an Eagle Advisor within his units, but has recently taken on the responsibility of being Eagle Coordinator in the city of Pleasanton, doing his best to grow the Eagle’s Nest with quality candidates, while leading by example as a Lifetime National Eagle Scout Association member. Michael fully embodies the meaning of the Eagle Scout Promise.

Michael Lennox

John Minney

Eagle Scout Judge John Minney is an Oakland, California native, and earned his Eagle Scout award in 1950 as a member of Troop 56 when he was 17 years old. John’s way of living embodies the characteristics that Scouting seeks to impart to scouts. No matter where he goes, he seeks to be of maximum service, and do whatever needs to be done.
John graduated from Castlewood High School in Oakland and attended Yale University, and then attended Boalt School of Law (now known as UC Berkeley School of Law)After completing law school, John has held numerous position, including support to the California Franchise Tax Board, opening his private practice, becoming a partner in the law firm Wagoner, Lynch and Minney, appointed to the Municipal Court of Contra Costa County by Governor Ronald Reagan; and appointed to the Superior Court of Contra Costa County by Governor George Deukmejian.

Outside of work, John was involved in the Oakland Historical Society, and became the Society’s President supporting numerous restoration and preservation refforts in his hometown of Moraga.

After retiring, John became a deacon at his Church; and serves an alternate on the Contra Costa Civil Grand Jury, as well as a member of the Juvenile Justice Commission.

Lastly, Judge Minney is a member of Las Aguilas de Diablo, an organization of adult Eagle Scouts, and regularly attends the group’s annual Eagle Recognition Dinner where he sponsors new Eagle Scouts.

NOESA Medal Default

Andrew “Colby” Powell

Eagle Scout Andrew “Colby” Powell enjoyed scouting while growing up, during which, he attended the 1987 World Scout Jamboree. Fast forward to present day, Colby served as a Committee Member and Assistant Scout Master in Troop 219 and served as Merit Badge Counselor for five years. He also supported Troop 409, as Cubmaster of Cub Scout Pack 223 in Lafayette, CA for four years. Currently Colby serves as Scoutmaster of Troop 219 in Lafayette, CA.

At the council level, Colby serves Scouting as a member of the Golden Gate Area Council’s Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree Steering Committee since 2006, which is the largest fundraising event in the GGAC. His commitment and involvement has led him to serve as Chair of this event for three years, being responsible for raising nearly $1 million for Scouting!

Outside of scouting, and in his work life, Colby serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the construction company, C. Overaa & Company.

Colby Powell

Steve Patrick Rodriguez

Stephen Rodriguez has been in Scouting in the Peralta District since his days as a Cub Scout with Pack 11, then Troop 65 and finally with Post 425. To date his combined time as a Scout and Scouter has been 71 years and counting.

Stephen is the recipient of numerous awards including District Award of Merit in 1984, Silver Beaver in 1986, The Whitney M. Young Service Award in 2003, The Distinguished Commissioner Award in 2008, Doctor of Commissioner Science in 2009, and the BSA Hall of Leadership Award in 2010.

In 1969, Stephen was selected as an ASM for the 1969 National Boy Scout Jamboree, and in 1973 Stephen was again selected as an ASM for the 1973 National Boy Scout Jamboree.

Stephen’s service extends beyond Scouting. Even though he is not an artist, his wife is. As a result, Stephen has had a commitment to raise awareness and appreciation of art in his community, by chairing the Livermore Art Show from 1997 to 2012. He chaired the Livermore Library Show and served on the Livermore Art Association (LAA) Board for the last 20 years and was awarded a Lifetime membership in the (LAA) for his outstanding service in 2022. Stephen also served on the Pleasanton Art League and the Alamo/Danville Artist’s Society as Membership Chair, and chaired the “Art in the Park” program, helping raise money for the San Ramon School District’s Art Program, which the Town Council of Danville recognized him with the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Stephen’s non-scouting honors include: The George Meany Award in 1975, awarded by the Alameda Central Labor Council, and the Buddy Joe Bojack Award, which is awarded by the Buddy Joe Bojack Awards Committee for his work in support of Native Americans in finding employment with Lucky’s stores.

NOESA Medal Default

Steve H Rodriguez

Steve Rodriquez has been active in scouting since 1977, beginning with cub scouts, and earned the rank of Eagle in 1987.  As an adult he has served in multiple unit and District positions including Den Leader, Cub Master, Pinewood Derby Coordinator, ASM, Unit Commissioner, and Scoutmaster.   At the District and Council level he has served on multiple Wood Badge staffs as troop guide and ASM. Additionally, he is a member of the Order of the Arrow as an Ordeal, Brotherhood and most recently Vigil Honor Arrowman. He also serves in various advisory capacities to Council Lodges.

Steve is always willing to help scouting where possible (and time permitting), and as such will also be serving as Scoutmaster for one of our GGAC Council’s troops to the 2023 National Jamboree.

He has received both the District Award of Merit and Silver Beaver recognitions. He has been an active member of the GGAC NESA committee since 2020.

Steve H Rodriquez

Frank Starn

Eagle Scout Frank Starn has had extensive service and contributions to the BSA, both locally as well as at the National level.  He has held a vast number of key positions at the Council Executive level and as an Eagle Scout, continues to demonstrate his leadership in helping others in the BSA as well as his professional career.
Over the years, Frank has not hesitated to step up and contribute his time and services to scouting.  As a summary of just some of his contributions, he has: 
  • Served as a member of the Mount Diablo-Silverado Council Board 2015-2020
  • Past President of the Mount Diablo Silverado Council 2016-2019
  • Assistant Scoutmaster & Committee Member Troop 200 in Lafayette, CA  2005-2015
  • Wood Badge Staff: 2020-2022
  • Treasurer, Golden Gate Area Council 2020-2022
  • Served in a critical role with the merger of the Mount Diablo Silverado, San Francisco Bay Area, and Alameda Council.
  • BSA National Service Territory 3 Committee
  • Current Vice President-International Scouting, Golden Gate Area Council
  • Outside of scouting, Frank has served as Board Member for the California Shakespeare Theater, as well as contribute to the Cancer support Community

The National Eagle Scout Association established the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year award (ESSPY) to recognize valuable service of an exceptional nature by an Eagle Scout candidate to a religious institution, a school, community, or other entity through completion of an Eagle Scout project. Click to learn more about the ESSPY Award and to view previous awardees.

Matteo Musso Troop 939

Matteo’s project consisted of gathereing information, including surveys and interviews of scouts, scouters, and community members, and then distilling that information into a booklet entitled “The Handbook of Neurodiversity and Inclusion: Making Public Events More Accessible to Neurodiverse People”.

International Scouter’s AwardsRoy Adams

The International Scouter’s Award encourages Scouters to broaden their involvement in Scouting through participation in world Scouting activities and recognizes Scouters for their contributions to world Scouting. Click to learn more about the International Scouter’s Award.

Yoshiko Bertetta

Behzad Izadbakhsh

David Shaw

Asian American Spirit of Scouting AwardsFlory Dekovic

The Asian American Spirit of Scouting Award recognizes Scouters who have given leadership in promoting and providing Scouting for Asian American youth, while helping the Asian community understand the aims and methods of Scouting. Click to learn more about the Asian American Spirit of Scouting Award

Satish Anupind Troop 2123, Mission Peak

In 2019 Satish Anupindi encouraged the girls in his webelos den to continue their adventure in Scouting by forming a new Scout troop. These young ladies represent the diverse Asian cultures of Fremont. Through his positive attitude and supportive leadership the troop has grown in the last two years to 48 girls from the orginal seven. This growth has been largely driven by the reputation the program has developed among the Asian parents and girls. The majority of these young ladies have started their Scouting experience in the troop without being in a cub scout pack.

The youth in troop 2123 are a representation of the broad Asian community in Mission Peak District. Their families are from China, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The are Buddist, Hindu, Christian, Jain, Sihk, and Catholic all working together and learning from each other. By effective communication to the community, city, and families he has projected a strong image of Scouting for support and for youth to participate.

Satish has supported and participated with the Asian American scouts in an active scouting program of summer camp, hikes, and community service. The girls have worked with the Fremont Human Services Department to raise funds to assist the homeless. They worked with Mayor Lili Mei to support the Fremont Disability Resource Festival. They worked with Human Resource Commission to honor the late Fada Amaliti who lost her life trying to rescue her autistic son from a house fire.

As a supportive leader of this active committed troop of Asian heritage girls, he has helped them understand and demonstrate to the community the aims and ideals of Scouting. As the girls say themselves, “As a group of sociable and compassionate scouts from the Bay Area, we’re all about giving back to the community, building survival skills, empowering each other, and creating ever-lasting memories in this scouting journey.”

Alice Chinn Troop 722, Tres Ranchos

As the 722 Committee Chair from Feb 2018 to April 2020, Alice not only recruited and retained the current adult leaders within the troop, but as an Asian American woman in a very visible and important position within the troop, she encouraged other adults (both women and adults of diverse ethnic backgrounds) to actively participate in the Scouting program. Her visibility and gift of bringing others into positions of leadership continued to make the troop more inclusive and welcoming. She has also served as a Committee Member for Troop 2722 in its early days to continue to encourage and support young women (including several of Asian descent) within Scouting

Alice is currently an advisor for Merritt College, and advises student teachers and often helps those of Asian/Chinese ancestry with their class selection and issues.

Alice helped translate for Chinese-speaking parents of Scouts during Scout meetings so that their children could fully participate in the program.

She developed alternate communication methods for the Chinese-speaking Scouts and parents through apps that could translate text, such as WeChat and WhatsApp.

Alice’s efforts drew many of the parents into Scout leadership positions through both inclusion and additional adult training. For example, she has organized and led adult advisor trainings to help Scouters understand outing requirements for one-day and multi-day events. Alice has also organized troop holiday events, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity for all parents, including those of Asian American decent.

Chinese-speaking Scouts and many of the Scouts with Chinese-speaking parents would not have had the opportunity to attend summer camps or participate in any of the service projects held by the troop without Alice’s direct involvement. Her efforts to communicate and bring them fully into the troop opened up all of these opportunities for both the Scouts and their parents.

Nadhia Dhillon Unit Commisisoner, Mission Peak

Nadhia Dhillon is credited for being one of our Council’s key connections and also needed partnership with our Shik communities in Fremont, primarily the Fremont Gurdwara Sahib. She was the driving force in recognizing the Gurdwara or “Shik Temple” as a GGAC’s recipient of the Annual Community Diversity Leadership Award on Dec 1, 2022.
Nadia’s biggest impact on youth has been her ongoing effort to make the Scout Promise and Law commitments to a “Duty to God” and a “Scout is Reverent” meaningful to the cubs, scouts, and parents in Mission Peak District. During the past four years, she has organized and obtained the support of the diverse faiths in ourcities to participate in the District Prayer Hike. Here over 100 scouts (many who are Asian American) each year. They are introduced to Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Protestant, Catholic, LDS, Jewish, Sikh, and other faith traditions. Through her efforts scouts strengthen their faith and learn to appreciate and understand others in our diverse community.

As a “Disaster Preparedness Educator” with the American Red Cross since Jan 2002 to the present (21 yrs.), Nadia’s professional training provides Mission Peak’s Camporees with the vital staff to hold and offer “District Camporees” for which many Asian American youth participate and look forward to. As an engaging Camporee staffer, Asian American youth see the ways and possibilities for community service and volunteerism that she exemplifies.

In the spring of 2023, Nadia was one of the first of remarkable Scouters invited to join the newly formed Council’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee for the Golden Gate Area Council.

Eileen Ladarre GGAC Advancement Team

Eileen Ladarre is a long time Scouter (35+ years) from Northern California who lives in Concord. She served in the legacy Mtn Diablo Silverado Council and is currently serving in the Golden Gate Area Council with the Council Advancement Committee, especially in Appeals.

As an Asian American, she promoted scouting in her community of Concord and Walnut Creek by way her school district and the packs that were located there 25+ years ago.

She helped develop, organize, and roll-out the BSA’s new Eagle-required special “Citizenship in Society” merit badge. Eileen is part of the team that laid out the frame work for implementation.

As a Wood Badge Course Director, Eileen was a shining Scouting example for Asian American unit leaders in the legacy MDS Council. Having someone who they could look up to and relate to was key in maintaining long-serving volunteers.

Eileen was instrumental as a Troop Committee Chair for recruiting youth with Special Needs, especially Asian American youth. The gratitude that families had for Eileen was enourmous. Especially for the ability of their sons to be able to participate, advance in rank and apply what they learned in scouting – it was truly priceless!

Troop Three Alumni Association Golden Gate District

Troop Three Alumni Association started in 1934 when a large number, having passed the age for active scouting came together with a desire to continue the comadeship and as a service organization, continue to develop and encourage the scout movement among the youth of the San Francisco Chinese community. Their goal to achieve this was to promote the welfare and growth of Troop Three.

Since that founding, Troop Three Alumni have had a history of involvement in supporting the war effort both in the armed forces and in the community, and post-WWII in citywide, statewide, and national affairs. Keeping the scout troop actively functioning through recruiting, providing, and training dedicated leaders has helped the Alumni Association in fulfilling it’s promise.

Troop Three Alumni continue to undertake professional and or volunteer positions in service of both Asian and Non-Asian communities they live in. Volunteer alumni, troop, and parent leaders have been involved in Golden Gate District scouting acitivy planning, camporees, trainings, meetings.

Troop Three annual meeting and activities program planning has always included participation in local service projects such as the San Francisco/Marin Food Bank and Coastal Cleanup Days to instill in its scouts, the spirit of service and being helpful. Other service projects are planned during leadership meetings and Eagle service projects are focused on those that provide benefit to the Chinatown/North Beach area and other communities.

Torch of Gold AwardTony Mei

The Torch of Gold is a distinguished award of the Boy Scouts of America to recognize adults for exceptional service and leadership in working with Scouts who have disabilities. Each council may recognize one Scouter per year with the award. Click to learn more about the Torch of Gold .

Eileen Ladarre

Eileen has been a longtime Scouter who has supported Scouting with Special Needs and Disabilities for 28 years.  This support has been primarily at the unit level with Troop 1994, but was paralleled at the district level and council level, first in Mount Diablo-Silverado Council and now in the Golden Gate Area Council.  She was a key unit leader in Troop 1994 in the Muir District, and then took that experience to be the Special Needs expert on the Council Advancement Committee.

With the formation of the Golden Gate Area Council, she was the Council SND Committee representative on the Council Advancement Committee.  That role morphed into being a key player in the roll out of the Citizenship in Society merit badge, which also addresses members of society who have special needs and disabilities.

Medal of Merit AwardBill Johansen

The Medal of Merit is awarded to Scouts and Scouters who have performed some act of meritorious service above and beyond that normally expected of a youth or adult member of the Boy Scouts of America. This act may involve a lifesaving effort, but is not confined to lifesaving. It may also be awarded for any meritorious action using some aspect of Scouting skills or learning.  Click to learn more about the Medal of Merit.

Saanvi Juneja Troop 2123, Mission Peak

At about 2 am on August 12, Saanvi Juneja put into practice the ideals and skills she learned in Scouting to save a woman’s life. After several hours travel, she went to the women’s restroom in Terminal 2 of Indira Gandhi International Airport. When she entered she saw a flight attendant on the floor with several flustered women trying to revive her. She quickly realized that what the women were doing was ineffective. Although she does not speak the language, her demonstrated confidence resulted in the women allowing her to take over.

Using the skills she learned in her troop, the First Aid Merit Badge, and her Scouting commitment to service, she checked for the lack of vital signs. She then proceeded to perform CPR chest compressions. After about a minute the victim began breathing. The airport medical team arrived, took over treatment and transported the woman to the hospital. Without Saanvi’s quick action and expertise the flight attendant may not have survived.

SponsorsMarcus Lampley

2023 Silver Beaver Sponsors

Michael Allison

John Bird

Ramon and Judy Balagot

Robert Carns

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Michael Fujimoto

Bruce and Antoinette Schlobohm

Franklin Starn

Friends of Scouting Sponsorship

Rose Godfrey

Henry Ramos

Camping Sponsor

Tim Repp

Gold Palm Level Sponsor

Franklin and Carey Starn

Major GiftsTim Repp

James E. West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, and he served in that position for more than three decades. The West Fellowship award is acknowledged for gifts of $1,000 and more to a council endowment fund. A minimum gift of $1000 in cash or marketable securities qualifies for the Bronze level membership. Donors may make cumulative gifts to reach Silver, Gold, and Diamond member levels. The gift must be in addition to the donor’s annual Friends of Scouting support. Many individuals and corporations make these gifts either on behalf of someone else—such as in honor of an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient, a retirement, a special accomplishment, or anniversary—or in memory of a special individual. Click to learn more about the James E. West Fellowship .

Amy Cole

Andy Evans

Michael Foresti

Elijah Gonzales

Keith Lam

Jessica Stevens

Larry Teshara / Troop 351 scout alumni association

Wes Truex

Melissa Yarns

The Second Century Society, SCS, is the Boy Scouts of America’s national social organization of individuals, families, foundations, and corporations stewarded by key volunteers and implemented by the Boy Scouts of America National Foundation. Established in 2011, SCS, replaces the 1910 Society and Founders Circle as the way to recognize Scouting’s major donors at both the local and national levels.

Qualifying gifts to be recognized as a Second Century Society member have a broader definition than Scouting’s major gift recognition in the past. These gifts include an outright gift of $25,000 or more payable over five years, or a deferred gift of $100,000 or more.

Dan Walters

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Council President RemarksTom Weibert

Tom Weibert became the Golden Gate Area Council President on October 19 at the GGAC Executive Board meeting. Scouting has always been a part of Tom’s life and he is proud to be a home-grown product of the Golden Gate Area Council. One of his greatest pleasures is to look one of his old Scouting mentors in the eye and say, “Thank you, look what you have done. You have helped to make me the great Father, Leader, and Business Professional I am today.”

As an adult leader in various roles, Tom has helped to pass the torch to a third generation of two Eagle Scouts in the family, one son and one daughter. All four of his children have participated in programs from Cub Scouting to Venturing. He proudly served as Walnut Creek Venture Crew 122 Advisor, home of the White Stag Sierra Leadership Development Program.

Tom has continued to support Scouting as an executive board member of the Mt . Diablo, Mt. Diablo Silverado, and Golden Gate Area Councils. He is a 2016 Silver Beaver recipient, James E. West and Second Century Society member. Read more about Tom at

Tom Weibert

Silver Antelope AwardTom Weibert

The Silver Antelope Award, created in 1942, is the National Service Territory level distinguished award of the Boy Scouts of America, acting through the National Court of Honor. Recipients of this award are registered Scouters of exceptional character in their territory and this award recognizes their distinguished service to youth. Click to learn more about the Silver Antelope Award.

Thomas Giugni

As you might expect, Tom has served many, many roles in Scouting during his tenure. At the unit level, he has been a Committee Chair for pack, troop, crew and post units. At the district level, Tom has been a Unit Commissioner as well as a District Chair, among other roles.

For the council, Tom has been NYLT Course Director, Wood Badge Course Director, Vice President of Program, Council Executive Board Member, and Youth Protection Champion.

Tom is currently the NST 3 Training Coordinator, and has held positions in the former Area and Regional divisions. And at the national level Tom has been the NAYLE Course Director, PLC Course Director, National NAYLE/PLC CDC Chair, and most recently Scouting U Vice Chair – Leadership Development.

Giving back and being involved in both scouting and his community play an important role in all that Tom does. This is evident through his commitment and dedication in volunteering and helping others.

Tom has been a member of the Rotary Club in his community for many years, serving as the Club Director for 2 years and participating in many of the activities and fundraisers that the Rotary does including the Western Railway Pumpkin Patch, which is their largest yearly fundraiser. He is currently the Youth Director in his area (second time holding this position) working with school districts to help provide opportunities for youth to attend Rotary camps.

Tom has been involved with his children, not only in scouting, but volunteering at their high school as head of security for Sober Grad Night. He has also worked “millions of nights of Bingo” to suppot both the Swimming and Water Polo teams that his sons have participated in. As a Police Officer working for the Fairfield Police Department, Tom was selected to be the DARE instructor, which he did for 2 years. He later became a School Resource Officer. Both of these positions involved working with youth and helped Tom realize and reinforced the value of Scouting.

Tom, a true servant leader, is always putting the needs and interests of others before his and is always looking for ways to empower both youth and leaders to do their best. He continues doing this by serving youth in his community and in Scouting. Tom is the proud father of two Eagle Scouts.

It is clear from this impressive resume, which only covers the highlights of his Scouting carreer to date, that Tom is very much deserving of the Silver Antelope award, which he received as a special ceremony last year.

2022 Silver Beaver AwardsSkip Phair

The Silver Beaver Award was introduced in 1931 and is a council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. Recipients of this award are registered Scouters who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given at the council level.

Ralph Cole Council Service Team Member for Exploring

Ralph Cole earned his Arrow of Light, Eagle Scout and was an Order of Arrow member as a youth. As an adult he was active in Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts and Venturing holding nearly all adult positions including both committee and leadership. He attended numerous trainings including Cub Scout Wood Badge W-CS-40 and Boy Scout Wood Badge WEM-28-99. Ralph was a co-founder of Twin Valley Troop 941. Troop 941 now has produced 90 Eagle Scouts to date. His son, Brian Cole (now a Senior District Executive) was Troop 941’s first Eagle Scout. Ralph was the Scoutmaster of Troop 831 for the 2001 National Jamboree at Fort AP Hill in Virginia representing the San Francisco Bay Area Council. At the District level, Ralph served as a Committee Member at Large, District Training Committee and Chair, District Commissioner, District Advancement Chair, and Unit Commissioner for the Twin Valley District. He received the Twin Valley District Rookie Scoutmaster of the Year in 1999 and the District Award of Merit in 2002. At the Council level, Ralph was on the Tiger Cub Safari Committee and the Council Training Committee for the San Francisco Bay Area Council. Ralph retired from the Broadmoor Police Department as a Police Commander in 2015 after a 32 year career. For many years he planned and organized the Broadmoor Police Kops & Kids Bowling Event which teamed local kids and police officers together. He also directed the Broadmoor Police Candy Cane Event and Toy Drive which involved police and firefighters transporting Santa Claus handing out candy canes and collecting toy donations. Ralph is a co-founder for National Violent Intruder Preparedness Solutions (NVips) which is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that teaches schools, churches and businesses about tactics of how to be prepared for, and survive, an active shooter/violent intruder event. He is actively involved in his community’s Neighborhood Watch.

Ralph Cole

Doris Gamache Muir District

Ralph Cole earned his Arrow of Light, Eagle Scout and was an Order of Arrow member as a youth. As an adult he was active in Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts and Venturing holding nearly all adult positions including both committee and leadership. He attended numerous trainings including Cub Scout Wood Badge W-CS-40 and Boy Scout Wood Badge WEM-28-99. Ralph was a co-founder of Twin Valley Troop 941. Troop 941 now has produced 90 Eagle Scouts to date. His son, Brian Cole (now a Senior District Executive) was Troop 941’s first Eagle Scout. Ralph was the Scoutmaster of Troop 831 for the 2001 National Jamboree at Fort AP Hill in Virginia representing the San Francisco Bay Area Council. At the District level, Ralph served as a Committee Member at Large, District Training Committee and Chair, District Commissioner, District Advancement Chair, and Unit Commissioner for the Twin Valley District. He received the Twin Valley District Rookie Scoutmaster of the Year in 1999 and the District Award of Merit in 2002. At the Council level, Ralph was on the Tiger Cub Safari Committee and the Council Training Committee for the San Francisco Bay Area Council. Ralph retired from the Broadmoor Police Department as a Police Commander in 2015 after a 32 year career. For many years he planned and organized the Broadmoor Police Kops & Kids Bowling Event which teamed local kids and police officers together. He also directed the Broadmoor Police Candy Cane Event and Toy Drive which involved police and firefighters transporting Santa Claus handing out candy canes and collecting toy donations. Ralph is a co-founder for National Violent Intruder Preparedness Solutions (NVips) which is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that teaches schools, churches and businesses about tactics of how to be prepared for, and survive, an active shooter/violent intruder event. He is actively involved in his community’s Neighborhood Watch.
Doris Gamache

Bob Karn Alameda District

Over his 54 years as a Scouter, Bob has supported ships whenever asked. Two examples come to mind: a Sea Scout Ship started in West Sacramento. Bob procured a donated sailboat, spend 250 hours and several thousand dollars of his own money to provide them a boat. In addition to being registered in legacy San Francisco Bay Area Council at the time, he also volunteered with Mount Diablo Silverado to repair boats for Ship 22 and work closely with Ship 90.
Default Silver Beaver Image

Michael Lennox Twin Valley District

An Eagle Scout, Mike has also earned several awards in his Scouter career including Scouter’s Key, Tiger Den Leader of the Year, District Award of Merit, and Unit Leader Award of Merit. Serving as the Twin Valley District Training Chair, Mike also holds the Den Leader Training Award, Tiger Leader Training Award, and Scouter’s Training Award in addition to serving as the Council EDGE Lead and Scoutmaster for Twin Valley Blue Oak (IOLS). He has held the honor of being the Scoutmaster for Troop 998B and 2998G in Twin Valley, helping each attain a Gold status with Journey to Excellence as well as coaching over 13 Eagles to their advancement. Mike has served as an advisor to Philmont and Swampbase.

Michael Lennox

Janet McDonald Herms District

While a young adult, Janet’s love for Scouting began when she served as a counselor for Girl Scout camps on the California Coast, Sierra Nevadas, and Cape Cod. After having two sons, Janet joined the BSA as a Den Leader at every level; her inspiration for quality programs was inspired by “Program Helps”. Her past positions include Program Director for Herms Day Camp, Webeloree Registrar, Administrator for Cub Scout Field Day, Troop Committee Member, Herms Assistant District Commissioner, Herms District Commissioner, and adult leader for the 2002 Central American Scout Camporee. Of the young Scouts from Janet’s Den, seven of them went on to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.
Janet McDonald

Honorable Ben Reyes II Council Vice President

California Governor Jerry Brown appointed the Honorable Benjamin T. Reyes II to the Superior Court of California on May 22, 2017. Judge Reyes is the first Filipino American judge on the Contra Costa bench, and only the second Filipino American trial court judge appointed in the nine San Francisco Bay Area Counties. For most of his 24 years as an attorney, Benjamin Reyes managed a public agency practice. Judge Reyes was a Partner and owner at Meyers Nave a statewide public agency law firm. While at Meyers Nave, he was appointed to serve as the City Attorney for the Cities of Pinole and Union City. He started his career in public service as a deputy city attorney for the City of San Jose, where he served on the trial team. Judge Reyes served in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1983 to 1987. He earned a regular army commission and also earned the U.S. Army Airborne parachutist badge (“Jump Wings.”)Judge Reyes earned his Eagle Scout Badge in Alameda Troop 61 and served as the President of the Boy Scouts of America, Alameda Council, until the merger to form the Golden Gate Area Council. He also served on the Board of the Golden Gate Area Council. Judge Reyes is also the father of an Eagle Scout and served as an assistant scoutmaster, a merit badge counselor and a troop transportation coordinator. He previously served as the President of the Alameda Free Library Foundation, as a Board Member of the California Alumni Association (Berkeley) and as the Chair of the Contra Costa City Attorneys Association. He is active in the California Asian Pacific Judges Association, Filipino Bar Association of Northern California, Asian American Bar Association and the Contra Costa County Bar Association. Judge Reyes supervises the Family Law Division of the court and previously presided over the civil grand jury. Judge Reyes earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He, and his wife, Susan, have two adult children, Adam and Isabel. Adam earned his Eagle Scout badge from Alameda Troop 89.
Hon Benjamin Reyes II

Caroline Tsuyuki Briones District

Caroline has been one of the driving forces behind the GGAC STEM Committees. She has been activein the development and implementation of numerous STEM Nova events for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA over the years. She was involved with the youth at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree as a part of one fo the STEM experiences (weather balloon launch). She brings an infectious enthusiasm to the program and she engages well with the youth of the Council. She has also served as an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 200 in Lafayette, CA. In that capacity, she has led contingents to Camp Wolfeboro and Wente Scout Reservation. She has also served as the leader taking youth to the Berkeley National Lab’s Nuclear Science Day.
Caroline Tsuyuki

Steve Welch Golden Gate Area Council Commodore

As a Sea Scout, Steve was challenged to do things he normally wouldn’t normally have volunteered to do. It gave him skills and confidence to be an effective leader. The leadership empowerment Sea Scouting bestows upon any youth is unsurpassed by any program anywhere. All Scouts should aspire to be Sea Scouts, which is what Baden Powell wanted them to be.

Steve used his Sea Scout training to start new businesses, buy existing businesses and run them with a minimum of worry and bother. He wants every child to discover their inner powers by having a great Sea Scout experience, and that is what fuels his dedication to Scouting.

Steve Welch

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