Safety Moment – June 1, 2024

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Safety Moment – National Safety Month:

June is National Safety Month and time to renew the Scouter Code of Conduct:

On my honor I promise to do my best to comply with this Boy Scouts of America Scouter Code of Conduct while serving in my capacity as an adult leader:
  1. I have or will complete my registration with the Boy Scouts of America, answering all questions truthfully and honestly.
  2. I will do my best to live up to the Scout Oath and Scout Law, obey all laws, and hold others in Scouting accountable to those standards. I will exercise sound judgment and demonstrate good leadership and use the Scouting program for its intended purpose consistent with the mission of the Boy Scouts of America.
  3. I will make the protection of youth a personal priority. I will complete and remain current with Youth Protection training requirements. I will be familiar with and follow:
  4. When transporting Scouts, I will obey all laws, comply with Youth Protection guidelines, and follow safe driving practices.
  5. I will respect and abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, BSA policies, and BSA-provided training, including but not limited to those relating to:
    • Unauthorized fundraising activities
    • Advocacy on social and political issues, including prohibited use of the BSA uniform and brand
    • Bullying, hazing, harassment, and unlawful discrimination of any kind
  6. I will not discuss or engage in any form of sexual conduct while engaged in Scouting activities. I will refer Scouts with questions regarding these topics to talk to their parents or spiritual advisor.
  7. I confirm that I have fully disclosed and will disclose in the future any
    of the following:
    • Any criminal suspicion, charges, or convictions of a crime or offense involving abuse, violence, sexual misconduct, or any misconduct involving minors or juveniles
    • Any investigation or court order involving domestic violence, child abuse, or similar matter
    • Any criminal charges or convictions for offenses involving
      controlled substances, driving while intoxicated, firearms, or dangerous weapons
  8. I will not possess, distribute, transport, consume, or use any of the following items prohibited by law or in violation of any Scouting rules, regulations, and policies:
    • Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances, including marijuana
    • Concealed or unconcealed firearms, fireworks, or explosives
    • Pornography or materials containing words or images inconsistent with Scouting values
  9. If I am taking prescription medications with the potential of impairing my functioning or judgment, I will not engage in activities that would put Scouts at risk, including driving or operating equipment.
  10. I will take steps to prevent or report any violation of this code of conduct by others in connection with Scouting activities.

Have a safety related question? – contact [email protected]

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