Sign-Up Nights

Sign-Up Night

Best Practices for Sign-Up Nights

  • Sign-Up night is at the school where most new members attend
    ​> Packs that have high attendance from multiple Schools offer multiple Signup nights​
    > This is really important.
  • Sign-Up night is a stand alone event
    > Not back to school, or a Pack meeting​
  • Sign-Up nights are held on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
    > There is no way to send a day before reminder for a Monday and Families have other activities on Fridays​
  • Sign up nights take place early in the school year
    > With a goal of the second or third week of school


This is the Family’s First Scouting Experience 

Consider the expectations the new families have of an organization

  • See the adventure they will be a part of
  • Learn when and where meetings take place and who to contact
  • Learn what is expected of the new member families – Time, Training, Volunteerism, Cost
  • Sing-Up – They did come to an event called a Sign-Up Night


Be Clear in the expectations the Pack has of the families and the sign-up night

  • Develop new Dens (With new volunteer leadership)
  • Sing-Up new youth members


After the Sign-Up Night

Units Follow-up

  • Provide a welcome phone call and/or email to new families​
  • Ensure the first den meeting is within 2 weeks of joining​
  • A 2nd chance/Raincheck recruitment/Bring a friend/Fill the Den opportunity exists for all new and returning in the first month of program​
  • An outdoor activity or adventure is available within the first month of the Sing-Up night​
  • This can be the 2nd join activity

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