Troop 1, San Francisco – Little Masters

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A movie about Troop 1 of San Francisco has been entered as a documentary film at the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival.


Months before the pandemic, a movie maker came to Troop 1 to film how Asian American teenagers participate in different activities at the Scouts of America as they travel on the road to maturity. The 7-minute documentary, titled “The Little Masters”, also explores the inner state of Asian American children and the drive to encourage them to be more independent. We are in the process of obtaining a copy of the full film for you to keep. Otherwise, you may view it on the site for $9, as well as all the other submitted movies.


The film festival is calling for the audience to show their support and vote for their favorite screening. The voting ends on April 19, 2021. Each e-mail is allowed to vote once.  If you have multiple e-mails, you may vote once with each e-mail address.     Please have your family and friends cast a vote for the Troop 1 movie, “The Little Masters”.  Voting is free. Every vote matters!!!

Watch the Trailer

Click the link below to vote.  The voting area is at the bottom of the page. You only need to enter your Name, E-mail, and the Film Title “The Little Masters”. Then click the submit button.


Thanks for your support.
Mr. Louie,
Scoutmaster, Troop 1 B & G

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