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Recognition banner for Patrick Jaime named VOA Advisor

The GGAC Venturing Officers’ Association (VOA) is proud and excited to announce that Patrick Jaime has been appointed to serve as the Council VOA Volunteer Advisor as of May 7, 2021!


The purpose of the VOA is to provide support and guidance to maintain and grow the Venturing program.  A VOA consists of a team of youth officers who are supported by advisors.  It provides leadership experiences that prepare young people for their respective futures and gives them a voice to help strengthen the Venturing program.  VOAs collaborate with other committees in providing training for Venturers and Advisors, programming for crews, and monthly or quarterly forums to bring together youth and Advisors.  VOAs provide opportunities for adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service (ALPS). By doing so, they serve to model best practices in programming for local crews and to provide a program resource for Venturers and Advisors throughout the council.


Patrick joined Venturing at the age of 14 and served as a VOA Officer for 7 years.  He is from the Golden Gate Area Council (Legacy Mount Diablo Silverado Council) and serves as a Marketing and Communications Member for the Western Region Venturing Committee.  Prior to his service as an adult, Patrick served as the 2019-2020 Western Region VOA Vice President of Communications, 2018-2019 Western Region Area 3 VOA President, 2017-2018 Western Region Area 3 VOA Vice President of Program, and served as a VOA VP of Program, Secretary, and VP of Administration for Legacy Mount Diablo Silverado Council VOA.  In addition, he also serves as the Assistant Council Commissioner for Venturing in the Golden Gate Area Council and serves as a Communications Committee Member for the website team.


As an adult, Patrick has completed Wood Badge and attended the Order of the Arrow National Leadership Seminar (OA NLS).  Patrick is an Eagle Scout with 120 merit badges and 19 Eagle Palms (when he was still a youth), a recipient of the Venturing Summit Rank, Venturing Quest Award, Venturing Trust Award, Messengers of Peace Award, World Conservation Award, and a Council, Area, and Region Venturing Leadership Award (VLA).  He is also an Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor Member of the Legacy Ut-In Sélica Lodge (now Yerba Buena Lodge) and has served as a Lodge Officer.


As the GGAC VOA Volunteer Advisor, Patrick plans to support the vision and goals of the Council VOA President and Officers through his team of selected Associate Advisors to ensure VOA operations are executed properly and safely.  Patrick joins his Young Adult Programs’ counterparts such as Exploring Advisor Stuart Mahler and Sea Scouts Commodore Steven Welch, all 3 of which are under the GGAC Vice President of Young Adult Programs Tamara Sokolov.  Patrick is the youngest GGAC VOA Volunteer Advisor at age 21.

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