Coast Guard Visit

Pack 88 cub scouts seated in front of a Coast Guard helicopter

Cub Scouts from GGAC Pack 88 Visit SF Coast Guard Air Rescue Base

Over 40 Cubs Scouts with their families visited the US Coast Guard Air Base near the SFO airport on 12/5/21. The members of Pack 88, based in SF’s Noe Valley neighborhood were awed by the tour, visit, and the chance to see the Coast Guard in action. They complete regular drills throughout the day and the cub scouts were able to see them complete a live rescue drill. The Coast Guard Base has seven working helicopters, with at least one ready to take off. They cover mostly water rescues and other dispatch requests in the bay and Pacific Ocean, and they have a coverage area from Eureka to about half-way to LA. The Cubs were able to ask questions about the equipment in the helicopter and learned many great facts. One question asked was “I think I’ve seen a helicopter go under the Golden Gate bridge, is that right?” and the coast guard confirmed that they do have authorization to fly under bridges and fly low. This maneuver is helpful during foggy conditions, and they often practice this on a nice day. After a tour of the base, and a Pack meeting in the Coast Guard office, the cubs were able to sit in the helicopters and even move the joystick a bit. Many thanks to the US Coast Guard for allowing the Pack onsite.

Coastguard personnel undertaking repair and maintenance work on a helicopter. The uyellow pipes dehumidify the the aircraft to reduce the risk of rust and related damage
Coastguard crew doing maintenance work.
Coastguardsman and Eagle Scout, Robert, answers Cubs questions about the helicopter
Coastguard & Eagle Scout Robert answers questions
Cubs learn more about the different components of the Coast Guard helicopter
Cubs learn more about the different components of the helicopter
Coastguardsman explains Cubs some of the rescue equipment they use on their helicopter
Coastguard talking about some of the helicopter’s rescue equipment

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