FAGES II: 20 Miler

FAGES II: 20 Miler
28th Annual – A Scouting 20 Mile Hike – 2022

June 4, 2022 – 5845 Park Avenue, Richmond, CA
Wildcat Canyon – Alvarado Staging Area

Scouts & Scouters
Looking for a 20-mile hike for the Hiking Merit badge? Here’s an opportunity to do it safely while having fun and earning a patch!


Order of the Arrow, Yerba Buena Lodge
invites you to a day of hiking along the FAGES (“Faw-Hace”) Trail. Bear in mind, this is NOT a novice hike so please make sure you can hike the total distance.


Socially Distanced | Masks Required

Be Prepared
Check the weather and dress accordingly. DO NOT WEAR NEW BOOTS!


What to bring
Bring your own lunch AND a refillable water bottle, trail snacks, personal first-aid kit, and sun protection.


Adult Unit Requirement and Hike Pace
Each unit must have two (2) or more adults. Units must maintain a 30 minute per mile pace or risk being asked to exit the course.


BSA Medical (AHMR) for each hiker – photocopies only. They will be returned upon completion of the hike. MEDICAL FORM

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