Monet G – Eagle Scout

Monet G giving her presentation on teen depression and anxiety as part of her Eagle Project.

Monet G’s Eagle Scout Project
Teen Depression & Anxiety Presentation for Caregivers

Monet G, founding member of Troop 42 (the first female troop in Berkeley, CA), held presentations for caregivers on teen depression and anxiety for her Eagle Project. Eagle projects are an opportunity for Scouts to benefit their community in an impactful way. Although we often see construction projects, Monet’s work is representative of a new generation of Scouting as the program adds more female youth members and evolves over time. Although her project’s impact is not as visible as a new bench, it opens doors for future Scouts by expanding what is possible within the program. 

In 2019, national statistics show that one in every three students have reported feelings of persistent sadness or hopelessness for two weeks or more, a 40 percent increase since 2009 (CDC). These numbers have increased with the influence of social media and social isolation due to COVID. It is important to understand and destigmatize discussions about mental health in the setting of this growth. The goal of this project is to give teens a voice and bridge a generational gap between caregiver and child to initiate healthy conversations about these topics.

Scouting involves family, fun, friends, and a lifetime of adventure! It’s the place where young people can grow to become their very best future selves.

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