Pack 1015’s Blue & Gold Celebration

Banner advertising Alameda's Pack 1015 Blue & Gold celebration at the Alameda Theater Drive-In.

On March 10, Pack 1015 celebrated this year’s Blue and Gold Ceremony a little bit differently from years past.  We wanted to come up with a plan to do something together as a pack safely, since so many events of the last year have been held on Zoom.


To do this, we partnered with the Alameda Theatre for this year’s Blue and Gold.  Since the start of the pandemic, the Alameda Theatre has been holding drive-in movies at Alameda Point.  At the drive-in, scouts and their families were able to attend the first in-person pack event of the year and to celebrate from a safe distance from the attendees’ cars.


The ceremony was filmed ahead of time at an outdoor location, and edited over the course of about 2 months.  The movie combined ceremonial scenes including the flag ceremony, the candle lighting ceremony, and the bridging ceremony.  We also included footage from VIPs congratulating the scouts, the scouts relaying their favorite memories, the den leader reflections on their dens, and parent thank you’s. The movie ended with a slideshow of pictures taken over the last 5 years of the scouts at countless events over the years.  Overall, the presentation demonstrated all the hard work and dedication the 27 Webelos have displayed, culminating in their Arrow of Light award, the highest award in Cub Scouting.


Finally, this event was directed and created by two amazing parents of the Webelos 2 rank: Gina Sandoval and Joshua Lipps. They came up with the idea at a committee meeting. Both of them put a lot of hours, effort and talent to deliver a top notch event. Over 100 families were able to witness this event. Scouts, families and friends will be able to remember that Scouts were “prepared” for everything. Even to fight COVID19 …Congratulations Pack 1015 and Gina and Josh for a job well done!


Carlos Flores

Committee Chair, Pack 1015

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