TradeOree checking out the merchandise

Golden Gate Area Trade-O-Ree & Memorabilia Sale

The “Golden Gate Area Trade-O-Ree & Memorabilia Sale” is an annual fundraising event hosted by the Yerba Buena Lodge, Order of the Arrow and co-sponsored by the Golden Gate Area Council and Yerba Buena Lodge.

The event was held in the lodge at Camp Herms and attended by over 50 scouts and scouters. The purpose of the Trade-O-Ree (TOR) is to generate funds for Golden Gate Area Council Youth Camperships as well as for Conference-ships for Yerba Buena Lodge through table rentals, donations, direct sales, and
patch auctions. As an incentive for individuals to donate items for the auction, we create a special Trade-o-Ree patch in exchange for their donation.

Our special thanks to the volunteers and members of the Order of the Arrow who organized and ran the event which raised over $3000.00 for Camperships and Conference-ships.

TradeOree checking out the merchandise
TradeOree checking out the merchandise

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