Yerba Buena Lodge Ukraine Fundraiser

Picture of Yerba Buena Lodge members displaying check for Ukraine Scouts

Honor Scouts raise $4,250 for Scouts in Ukraine

On Sunday, Yerba Buena Lodge celebrated the enormous success of their fundraiser for Ukrainian scouts. We raised over $4,200 for the National Organization of the Scouts of Ukraine, the Ukrainian equivalent of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The money will go towards the administration of the organization allowing for the children of Ukraine to continue enjoying Scouting and the outdoors during a difficult time.

The Lodge’s youth leadership designed two Ukraine-inspired patches in order to raise the funds for donation. The designs were made by the current youth leader, Lodge Chief Chase VanD, inspired by Yerba Buena’s traditional patch and the flag of Ukraine. The patches sold as a set of two, featured blue and gold coloring and the lodge’s name in Cyrillic script. Over 400 patches were sold, and all of the proceeds from their sale will be donated.

Yerba Buena Lodge represents a section of the Order of the Arrow (OA), the Boy Scouts of America’s honor society. The OA is also known as the “Brotherhood of Cheerful Service”, and no one exemplifies this selfless spirit better than the youth members of Yerba Buena Lodge. The lodge is only a couple of years old, and though it faced a rocky start during COVID, it has grown to be the seventh-largest lodge in the nation, representing over 650 active members.

The past few years have been hard for Scouting, and particularly for the Order of the Arrow. Despite these setbacks, the young men and women of Yerba Buena prove that the Scout Spirit is alive and well, and this new generation of leaders is doing everything they can to support it around the world.

Audrey K

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