Safety Moment – June 1, 2023

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Safety Moment – Incident Reporting Helps Timely and complete incident reporting provides the BSA with an opportunity for analysis of incidents that occur and promotes continuous improvement of our programs. In our experience, the sooner a clear, concise, and complete incident report is made, the sooner that an appropriate response to the incident can occur. […]

Safety Moment – May 16, 2023

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Safety Moment – Is it Scouting? An official Scouting activity is consistent with the values, charter and bylaws, rules and regulations, operations manuals, and applicable literature of the Boy Scouts of America. So, what is the program of the BSA? Collectively, it is all the books, literature, training, materials, policies, and guidelines provided by the […]

Safety Moment – May 1, 2023

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Safety Moment – Sun Safety We are going to be spending a lot more time outside now and we have to consider the impact of exposure to the sun. There are three factors that affect UV exposure: Elevation. If you live or play at high elevations, you could be thousands of feet closer to the […]


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